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One of our unconventional services includes our HACCP Accredited laundry and garment cleaning rental services. Our passion and experience in cleaning transcend the industrial side of the industry, and we believe that we are just as adept at understanding the significance of laundry cleaning.  

Our innovative, green cleaning policies make sure that your garments are cleaned less abrasively, with care. HCC understands the science behind the proper maintenance of particular types of fabric. The delicate clothing items that need special care while cleaning cannot always be cleaned at the facility. There is also the factor of not having enough time in a day to actually take care of laundry.

Linen Care and Laundry Management allocated to HCC Group will be rendered to the highest standard possible.   HCC will provide a fully integrated service solution using first-rate laundry management utilizing microchip and RFID technology allow for seamless flow throughout. 

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